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My Semi Charmed Life

College Years

Suck it!
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Lowdown on Me
Aquarius / Snake
Los Angeles native
LJ user since 2004
Bilingual (English and Spanish)
SF Bay Area inhabitant
Psychology major (Graduating in March 2012)
Moderate Liberal

My goals for the future
- Graduate from college (maybe go to grad school)
- Travel the World
Be completely content with life.

My personality

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Sun Sign: Aquarius
Sun 18° Aquarius 57'
Aquarius Horoscope
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Moon Sign: Pisces
Moon 8° Pisces 47'
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Rising Sign: Taurus
Ascendant 0° Taurus 05'
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In LJ, I...

oogle guys lol
mention interactions with friends, roommates and others
write about dreams I have
ramble about weird/dumb/random stuff
look at the past, present and future

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